“I can fly high if I put my mind to it”

Jane 13yr old

The Social Circus Foundation and Vancouver Circus School have been working with SOS Children’s Village BC since 2017. Together we have been able to support the foster children in developing life skills, but resiliency and provide access to positive personal development. Collectively along with SOS Children’s Canada we are continuing to support the program for summer 2022.


Impact of our programs

Jane, a young first nations girl suffered the loss of her only caregiver at just 12 years old.

Jane was a very shy timid young girl when she came to SOS Children’s Village. Jane had many challenges ahead of her, body and self esteem issues we quite present. When coming to SOS Jane was introverted, didn’t participate in activities like the other kids. Jane felt that she was unable to do it due to her body being “bad”. Jane wouldn’t wear shorts due to it showing off her body.

Social Circus came to SOS children’s village for the first time, all the kids joined in the games and props, all but Jane. Jane watched but just sat quietly. Jane felt not good enough.

One lunch, SOS staff and the Social Circus Foundation instructors encouraged Jane to give it a try, after much support Jane snuck behind the trampoline and tried to tumble.  Jane went with two of the social workers from SOS and after many private attempts was able to do a cartwheel.

This was the spark moment that changed everything for Jane. Jane was now someone who could do things. Very quickly Jane became proud of her ability to do a cartwheel and proudly showed off to the applause of the other kids in the village. From now on Jane knows that she can do things if she puts her mind to it.

“I can fly high if I try” she said. That’s the moment that Jane understood that she can do things that not everyone can do.

Jane is still a young little girl and doing well, she continues to carry the spark in her daily life. I was just a cartwheel but for jane it was everything. Jane is beating the statistics of a first nations girl in foster care, Jane is working hard and still in school. Social circus helped with the betterment of Jane. Social circus gave her a position to have people believe in her when other things didn’t.