The Social Circus Foundation is proud to be able to work with the children, youth, and members of the Squamish Nation. Since September 2021, we have been able to join together to provide weekly circus education for the youth. With your support we can continue providing educational workshops for the youth.

“Traditionally the nation has ran programs rooted in Squamish Nation culture and traditional western sport. The opportunity of scheduling a program that sits outside of those two categories allows the nations youth to be engaged in a new and exciting climate. As I watched this program grow and develop over the past several months, a couple things became apparent to me.


Firstly, from an athletic perspective, the Social Circus program gives us the benefits of intersport training outside of the conventional constructs of sport. The various movements and skills translate into physical literacy that will motivate these youth to buy into the longevity of being physically active. Circus is stocked with fundamental movement skills that are essential when it comes to being advantageous in sport. Learning these abilities at a young age allow youth to transition into a multitude of sport/physical activity later in life.


More significant than athletic ability, the Social Circus program has encouraged character growth in its participants. I have watched these youth come out of their shell and commit to trying something completely unfamiliar to them. The high level of physical, mental and social engagement encourages self-growth, confidence and self-esteem. I feel that playing instead of training should be a part of every child’s development, and our Social Circus program truly highlights that demand.


As an athletic coordinator I am excited to watch this program grow into its full potential. I look forward to working with the Social Circus Foundation to reach as many Squamish Nation youth as possible.”


Chen wanáxwstúmi (respectfully)


Marco D.

Sr. Sport and Recreation Coordinator